Datoga Tribe

Datoga ethnic group of Tanzania. The Datoga, known as the Mang'ati in Swahili, are a pastoralist Nilotic people of Manyara Region at lake eyasi.Residing along the banks of the Lake Eyasi in Tanzania, the Datoga tribe are a relatively peaceful people particularly skilled at farming. These indigenous people are believed to have inhabited the area for over 3,000 years, although their history is difficult to accurately trace. Similar to other local tribes, particular the Maasai, they value livestock highly and use it for their livelihood. Datoga people are traditionally nomadic, often moving throughout the extensive region, herding their cattle and putting their ancient agricultural skills to use wherever they happen to settle. Here are a few interesting facts about the Datoga tribe.

Although they are somewhat leery of outsiders, once the Datoga people feel they can trust you, they are friendly, welcoming and open to sharing their culture and traditions.

They use just about every part of an animal – milk, meat, blood, fat, hide, horns, tendons and even the dung for either practical purposes or to perform important rituals.

From a distance, the Datoga appear to blend in with their surroundings, wearing clothing of the same reddish brown color as the soil. Upon closer inspection, however, there is much more ornamentation particularly through the use of leather and intricate bead work. They also often adorn themselves with brass necklaces and bracelets.

The Datoga people live a very primitive life, resisting formal education and outside development. They also suffer high infant mortality rates due to their low standard of hygiene and the unclean conditions in which they live.

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